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New member and a question

Hey everybody, I'm new! I don't know why I haven't joined before! I've been a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda series since I first started playing video games (early 90s) and Ocarina of Time is my favorite Zelda game :)

I have a question. Is there a Zelda mood theme floating around somewhere? I go through mood themes quite a bit and I've found them in all my fandoms...except for Zelda! I wouldn't mind a mood theme of just Link or of all the characters in the series, I'm not picky!


PS-Who here is a bit scared of the postman?
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I was searching for this kind of mood theme as well... so I would be really pleased if someone has one...

I'm totally scared of the postman in "The Phantom Hourglass"... I mean.. he's reading MY POST!!!
I feel so bad, I haven't played PH yet! I don't have a DS :P
He reads your mail in TP too xP
well.. I never played the wind waker one... I don't own a game cube (and my friend who does, doesn't have a TV anymore... which... somehow makes it a little difficult to play :P)
Zelda was the first game I bought after I got my DS... But now I'm kinda stucked, not because it's to difficult, but because the ghost ship is scary :P
Hi! I'm surprised no one has answered you yet. I'm compiling a mood theme list (was searching "zelda, mood, theme," and that's how I came across this post in fact). You can be the first to reap the benefits, though I'm still looking for one more:

Ah, thank you! *goes to browse*
Welcome :) We don't have a lot compared to some fandoms, but I'm pleased. See, I wanted a Zelda theme so bad that I actually made one myself a few years ago and it was one of the first really out there. Since then, keeping an eye out for new themes has been a bit of a hobby of mine. I haven't kept a list until now, though, I just stupidly re-scoured the comms for the links to ones I knew about. We're really gotten quite a bit since TP came out, thankfully, so if you're not liking any of those, check back in the future. People usually post them in zelda_lovers if not zelda_icons :)