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The Best Day of My Entire Life...

Wow. Such joy and feelings I have never experienced.

My mom called at 4:03pm. Told me to call the game store. I did. My reserved game was there. Waiting for me. I yelled for two minutes while dancing around the house. I laughed. I yelled more.

Went to Target for Christmas presents. Went to Game Store.

I actually held myself pretty well. I chatted with "my best friend", who is a cashier that works there. My mom bought my reserved copy. I get it on Christmas.

Didn't play the Wii because Lala was hungry. Went to Subway down the street.

Lost it.

I cried all the way home. I was bawling. Tears everywhere.

Now, even as I type, tears fight their way out.

I finally own the Twilight Princess.

There are no words to express such joy. Such spiritual feelings.

I did chores just so I could hold the game before my mom packed it away until December 25th 2006. I cried agian.

I hope all others out there get their equivalent of TP for Christmas. I seriously do. Whatever it is, I hope you get it.

Happy Holidays.
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